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Chiropractic care in Overland Park KS can be used in a variety of ways. Exercise and chiropractic care have a lot of similarities. Comparing the two makes it easy to explain the 3 main ways patients utilize our care.

Short-Term Care:

Short-term chiropractic care and short-term exercise are designed to meet a specific need. They aren't supposed to be long-term fixes to chronic problems. They aren't meant to be a lifestyle change. Going to a chiropractor with a chronic issue and hoping to fix it in 1 or 2 visits is sort of like being 75 lbs. overweight and hoping to lose it after a week of going to the gym. That's not to say that you can't or shouldn't use a chiropractor for short-term care. There is nothing wrong with that if it's what you need, but it's important to make sure your goals line up with your actions. If you try to fix a long-term problem with short-term care, you may end up feeling frustrated.

Long-Term Care:

A lot of people who start short-term chiropractic care will end up using chiropractic long-term. Maybe it's because of how good they feel when they go to the chiropractor. Maybe their problem is more serious than they originally thought. Maybe their daily activities put a lot of wear and tear on their body. The possibilities are endless.

Wellness Care in Overland Park KS:

These patients are the type of people who aren't in pain. They aren't concerned about anything in particular. They just know that a healthy spine is part of a healthy life. They want to stay mobile and active for as long as possible and they want to reach their fullest health potential. So they make ongoing chiropractic care a part of their wellness lifestyle. Just like there is a place for wellness exercise, there is a place for wellness chiropractic. Is it for everyone? No… of course not. Wellness chiropractic patients are often the biggest advocates of chiropractic in the same way that wellness exercisers will rave about the benefits of exercise. No, most people aren't going to do either one, but it is hard to argue with the results.

You get to decide how to use chiropractic care and how it best fits into your goals and life. We will be there to help support you along the way. You can contact Love Chiropractic for more information.


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